Coronavirus Update

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we have permanently closed our psychological and neuropsychological assessment program and our biofeedback program. We are no longer able to offer these services.

You can continue to see us though – with teletherapy, using the good old fashioned telephone or better yet, secure videophone. Teletherapy sessions are covered by most insurers. We have been using teletherapy since April of 2020. Most of our clients love the convenience and find communication in this way to be every bit as effective and helpful as in person sessions.

Teletherapy works!

Are you feeling down, anxious, stressed out, cooped up? Are your kids struggling? You don’t have to wait to get help. You can build a strong, supportive, and collaborative relationship with an experienced psychologist from the comfort and safety of your home. Our teletherapy services use a confidential and secure video service. From your coziest chair, you can work with one of our licensed doctoral psychologists to find the solutions that are right for you and help you meet your goals.

Teletherapy is covered by most health insurers. But please check with your insurer to be sure teletherapy visits are covered under your policy.

For new clients, give us a call at 401 351-7779 or complete an online contact form.

Our psychological services: lasting solutions based on science and decades of experience

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Therapy and treatment services

Whether you are looking for help for the first time, or you have tried medication and/or counseling with little success, you have come to the right place. At the NeuroDevelopment Center, you can build a strong, supportive, and collaborative relationship with an experienced psychologist. We will work together with you to fully understand your difficulties.  Then we will help you implement the solutions that are right for you. We won’t just listen, nod our heads, and sympathize. We will help you with the hard work of change and growth. We hope you will learn more in these pages about our psychological services, and then decide to join us.

You have many choices: traditional and innovative approaches.

brain basis for psychological servicesMany people are helped by traditional forms of treatment like medication and counseling or psychotherapy. But way too many people continue to struggle and suffer with psychological disorders despite multiple attempts to get help. Many go from doctor to doctor. Take pill after pill. Some finally just give up, too discouraged to make another phone call, tell their tale again.

Fortunately, brain science has pointed the way to a promising new approach to therapy. Research has shown that our brains are capable of enormous change. It’s called neuroplasticity. This finding is giving rise to new solutions that harness this capacity for change to treat many psychological disorders or conditions.  At the NeuroDevelopment Center, we closely follow the research on these promising approaches. We recognize the need for scientific evidence, and carefully evaluate the research on new therapy methods. But we also realize that it takes decades to compile conclusive scientific proof. You may not want to wait until the research is conclusive. So we offer neurofeedback and Cogmed working memory training and even our Preschool ADHD LEAP program – research supported treatments that harness the brain’s capacity for change through brain exercise and training.

We offer the tried and true as well. Our professionals have decades of experience with proven traditional psychological services like individual psychotherapy, family, and group therapy. At the Neurodevelopment Center, you have lots of choices. Join us. We can sit down together, understand your situation, and decide what approach is the right one for you.

For many conditions, we have solutions:

At any age, we will help you move forward:

psychological services for children

At NeuroDevelopment Center, we help kids find a brighter future. Kids think and communicate differently. We speak “kid”! We have found that when you speak their language, children like getting help and are active partners in change. We like to reach out to their entire network: family, friends, school, and even social environments. We recognize that their parents are their main guides in life, so parents are always integral to their psychological services.

psychological services for adults

At any given moment, 1 out of 4 adults is diagnosed with some mental condition. Conventional treatments can be helpful.  But many people continue to struggle. They go from doctor to doctor. Some finally just give up. With our decades of experience, we know that no approach to treatment works for everyone. The key is to work together to find the approach that is right for you. We offer traditional psychological services like individual psychotherapy and family therapy as well as newer approaches.

psychological services for seniors

Research is showing what most cultures have known for eons: with aging comes wisdom. Unfortunately, in our culture, anxiety, depression, and stress often come with aging too. Our psychological services can help with these very common difficulties in aging. We can also help you to stay sharp as you age. Mental decline is not inevitable. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, good quality sleep, and keeping mentally active all contribute to maintaining your mental edge and sharpness. Our cutting edge brain training methods will help too.

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