Focused ADHD testing

Often, attention deficits are present along with other difficulties in life – difficulties with learning, with anxiety, or mood, or behavior, or even family circumstances or stressors. This requires a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment. But sometimes, the picture is much more simple, and focused ADHD testing of attention, activity level, and self control is all that is required. Focused ADHD testing like this is much shorter and can usually be scheduled with very little delay.

Our approach to assessment is collaborative. It is not a matter of coming to a professional who asks some questions and maybe employs some tests and then simply pronounces the answer. We work with you to figure it out together. We will take the time needed to understand your concerns and your situation fully so that in addition to understanding what is wrong, you will know what treatment approaches are most likely to be helpful.

Focused ADHD assessment: what’s involved

This evaluation will involve:

  • a thorough interview
  • measures of anxiety, mood, behavior, and other symptoms
  • specialized measure of attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity
  • a brief jargon-free report written so you understand
  • recommendations for practical steps you can take to move forward toward lasting change

Focused ADHD testing or full neuropsychological evaluation: which is right for me?

You have lots of demands on your time and energy. So we made it simple for you.  Just complete a simple online survey. Your answers give us all the information we need to determine which assessment is right for you.  

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Learn more about your testing and treatment options for ADHD and ADD

At the NeuroDevelopment Center, you have options. We offer traditional and cutting edge treatment options for ADHD and ADD that are backed by research. To learn more about all of your choices, please visit our ADHD + ADD pages.