Diagnostic assessment

Do you have personal difficulties in your life? Do you have trouble with staying focused or being organized and on top of things? Are you struggling with your mood, or with fears, worries, or anxiety? Do you have trouble with learning or with social or close personal relationships? We will work with you to understand your problem and discuss all of your options for treatment.  Although the symptoms that are bothering you may be clear, what is causing the symptoms may be difficult for you to recognize on your own. In a diagnostic assessment or evaluation at the NeuroDevelopment Center, we will work with you to understand the problem and discover the right path forward.

Our approach to assessment is collaborative. It is not a matter of coming to a professional who asks some questions and maybe employs some tests and then simply pronounces the answer. We work with you to figure it out together. We will take the time needed to understand your concerns and your situation fully. In addition to understanding what is wrong, you will know what treatment approaches are most likely to be helpful.

Diagnostic evaluation: what’s involved

For some, a careful diagnostic assessment is just what is needed. This will involve:

  • a thorough interview
  • specialized measures of anxiety, mood, behavior, and other symptoms
  • a jargon-free report written so you understand
  • recommendations for practical steps you can take to move forward toward lasting change

If you’d like to learn more about our evaluation process for specific conditions, click on the link below:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Cognitive Decline


Learning Disabilities




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