NIMH Funds Definitive Study of Neurofeedback for ADHD

After almost four years of planning, we are now getting started on a very carefully controlled randomized double blind study of the effectiveness of neurofeedback for ADHD. This study emerged in the aftermath of a panel I sat on at the annual 2010 conference of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) - the national ADHD advocacy organization. After the panel, we agreed to form a collaboration between established experts in neurofeedback and established academic ADHD researchers. The group included six [...]

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Neurofeedback Tale: Off Meds, On Target, Learning, and Happy

"A trajectory of small miracles" Cam's mom tell us the story of her son's growth and improvement with neurofeedback for his ADHD and other symptoms. The story is long, but well worth the time: "Cam’s neurofeedback has yielded a cascade of successes. Thanks to his sessions, Cam experiences things more fully, is starting to grow into himself with more ease, and expresses himself better. A trajectory of small miracles you could say. Cam's complexities We had pursued a number of [...]

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Train self control to win the “marshmallow test”

A landmark study: Can preschoolers wait? A study done by psychologist Walter Mischel at Stanford in the sixties has long been a classic. But it takes on dramatically increased significance with the growth of our understanding of brain plasticity in the last two decades of neuroscience. In this study, preschoolers were seen in a small room with their mothers. The experimenter put a marshmallow on the table and told the child he can eat it right away. Or, if the child [...]

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Sunshine helps to prevent ADHD

A new study has shown a link between the prevalence of ADHD and solar intensity (SI) in the US and nine countries abroad. Using three datasets (across 49 U.S. states and across 9 non-U.S. countries) a relationship between sunlight intensity and ADHD prevalence was found. These results suggest that exposure to lots of sunshine has a preventative effect:  Sunshine may help to prevent ADHD.   A big effectThis "Sunshine Effect" was not a small factor. It explained 34%–57% of the variance in ADHD prevalence.  This [...]

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Effective ADHD Treatment With Play?

Are you concerned about putting your preschooler on medication for ADHD? Wondering if there is any effective alternative to meds? Many parents of young kids are.  A recently published study done at Queens College of the City University of New York showed lasting improvement in ADHD symptoms in preschoolers after 5-8 weeks of a new treatment program. In this treatment or training program, the preschoolers and their parents play for 30-45 minutes a day specially designed games that help to [...]

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