New study: Neurofeedback Reduces PTSD Symptoms

A randomized controlled study recently published in PLOS One suggests that neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback is an effective treatment for the core symptoms of chronic PTSD in adults. The study compared neurofeedback treatment with treatment as usual in the community. The participants were individuals with chronic PTSD who had at least six months of trauma informed treatment. After 24 half hour neurofeedback sessions, a significantly smaller proportion of the neurofeedback group still met criteria for PTSD compared to the control [...]

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Finally a brain test showed which medications would help.

Trial and error medication: Even in the hands of the very best psychiatrists, prescribing medication is a trial and error process. The doctor evaluates patterns of symptoms, makes a diagnosis, then prescribes a medication that research has shown, on average, to be helpful to those with that diagnosis. But there's a rub: For most disorders, there are multiple medications that have been found effective. And no medication has been found to be effective for all individuals with that disorder. Individuals [...]

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Neurofeedback Tale: Off Meds, On Target, Learning, and Happy

"A trajectory of small miracles" Cam's mom tell us the story of her son's growth and improvement with neurofeedback for his ADHD and other symptoms. The story is long, but well worth the time: "Cam’s neurofeedback has yielded a cascade of successes. Thanks to his sessions, Cam experiences things more fully, is starting to grow into himself with more ease, and expresses himself better. A trajectory of small miracles you could say. Cam's complexities We had pursued a number of [...]

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Helping your stormy, anxious child

Imagine this: It starts to storm outside. The thunder is loud. It is shaking your home. It's bothering you. So you go outside and say in a calm but authoritative voice: “Stop that.” But the storm continues anyhow. So you say more firmly, “Stop that right now. Just stop.” The storm ignores you again. It continues to storm.  You are getting angry now! You say in a very loud voice: “I said stop that right now. I mean it: No more. This ends now.” When [...]

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Feeling safe, finally. A great start in neurofeedback treatment of PTSD.

How do you get over traumatic experiences?  How can you come to feel safe, when brain networks that alert you to danger stay turned on at high volume because of trauma? We know that for many people, this is extraordinarily difficult.  We know that for many people, traditional talk therapy is limited. “Sally”, a forty seven year old woman, began neurofeedback last week after more than a year of psychotherapy and a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and depression. She was diagnosed [...]

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