You have many ADHD treatment options so that you can find the solution that is right for you.

Medication is the most common form of ADHD treatment. Medications help many people. But often symptoms remain despite medication. Some people have lasting negative side effects. Some do not benefit at all.  Even when medications help, they do not solve the core problem in ADHD – reduced activity in attention networks in the brain. That is why people with attention deficit disorder may need to continue to take the medications every day, probably for the rest of their lives.  But in fact, most people do not continue medication long term. More than 75% of teens refuse to take their medication.  Sadly, adolescence is the time when they need help the most. Academic demands increase. Grades become more important for the future. Risks from impulsivity grow dramatically. Impulsive aggression at recess is one thing: poor impulse control while driving or dating is a much more serious risk.

In addition, some parents have reservations about the use of medication in children.

For all these reasons, you need options for ADHD treatment.  So we closely follow the research and offer innovative solutions that are backed by science. Two of these new forms of treatment have shown lasting reduction in core ADHD symptoms and improved activity in attention networks in the brain – EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback and Cogmed working memory training. At the NeuroDevelopment Center, you have options for proven ADHD treatment without medication.

You choose – traditional ADHD treatment options or research supported innovations:

Parent guidance

You can end all the yelling and fighting. It can be fun again to be a parent.

We know it’s not easy to raise kids with ADHD. They act before they think. They don’t listen. They have trouble following rules. They over-react emotionally and struggle to be organized and in control. These are core symptoms of ADHD. You probably understand this. You know it’s not his fault.  Still there may be times when you find yourself frustrated and angry at him.  And then you might feel a little guilty. Maybe you argue a lot with your spouse on how to handle these challenges. In our ADHD family therapy, we will help you learn some simple and effective parenting and behavior management strategies.  Your child will listen better. You will enjoy each other more.

ADHD parents’ group

You don’t have to feel alone. Join our eight week ADHD parenting groups. You will learn  effective parenting and behavior management strategies, including how to help your child:

  • improve study skills and learn
  • get motivated and develop persistence
  • increase impulse and emotional control
  • develop organization skills
  • develop problem solving skills and confidence

You’ll have a chance to talk with other parents who have faced similar challenges.  We will also help you learn some simple but effective stress management techniques. When you stay calm, your child will be calmer too.

ADHD kids group

Many kids diagnosed with ADHD feel alone. They may feel confused about what it means for them and for their future. Some feel ashamed, or guilty, or down. Our eight week ADHD children’s group will give your child the chance to learn about what ADHD is and to learn some strategies that will help. Your child will also have the chance to share thoughts and feelings with other kids with ADHD. He or she will not feel so different, and not so alone.


Cogmed working memory training is a research-supported way to increase attention by improving working memory. With this online brain training program, there are a series of engaging working memory games and challenges. The challenges, like most popular videogames, get progressively harder as your skills improve. Cogmed Working Memory Training provides scientifically designed working memory exercise and practice. Just like physical exercise, it leads to improved skill and capacity. Repeated studies show lasting gains. Learn more.

Preschool LEAP

Has your preschooler been diagnosed with ADHD? Or is it suspected? Many parents are reluctant to put their young children on stimulant medications. You may have questions and concerns: At such a young age?  For the rest of their lives?  Is it really safe? Early research has suggested another natural option – a family based treatment program that involves very intensive practice of self-control and attention and related mental skills through fun games you would play with your child on a daily basis. Learn more.


Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, harnesses neuroplasticity to directly train the brain to function better. It is a research-supported way to sharpen attention and reduce impulsivity and hyperactivity…without medication.”  The American Academy of Pediatrics recently rated neurofeedback as having “Best Support” in research among non-medical treatments for ADHD.  Learn more. 

School consultation

Our psychologists can also help by consulting in your child’s school to help implement best educational practices for ADHD.

Other research based options:

We also offer several other forms of treatment that have been shown effective with ADHD, including:


NeuroTracker is a new technology that isolates and trains attention and working memory, without medication! Several early studies have shown significant improvements in attention after seven 15-minute sessions of training with Neurotracker. The training is safe and non-invasive. It engages you in a series of 3D exercises that help improve attention, focus, and awareness. Neurotracker is used by elite athletes around the world to improve their attention and movement tracking while in play. Teams from the NFL, NBA, NHL and EPL employ Neurotracker as do many Olympic and college athletes. Learn more.

Want help deciding which ADHD treatment options are right for you?

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