Neuroscience reveals rat telepathy

Our clients often tell us how amazing they find the neurofeedback process. Instantaneous guidance by brain activity? Changing brain activity based on rewards? Exciting new neuroscience research takes this several steps further. Imagine having your behavior guided by someone else's brain! Here is the study: two rats have tiny electrodes implanted in the part of their brain that governs motor responses. The rats are on two separate continents. In their cages are two levers, each with a light above. Both rats [...]

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Feeling safe, finally. A great start in neurofeedback treatment of PTSD.

How do you get over traumatic experiences?  How can you come to feel safe, when brain networks that alert you to danger stay turned on at high volume because of trauma? We know that for many people, this is extraordinarily difficult.  We know that for many people, traditional talk therapy is limited. “Sally”, a forty seven year old woman, began neurofeedback last week after more than a year of psychotherapy and a lifetime of struggling with anxiety and depression. She was diagnosed [...]

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